Why hire a freelancer over an agency?

Why hire a freelancer over an agency?

The Benefits of employing a Freelance Web Designer


The most important and influential benefits of working with a freelancer are communication and priority. An agency will take on many jobs at once, I aim to only work on one significant project at a time. This means that all of your queries will be dealt with promptly. You won’t find yourself in a queue behind other jobs and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all of my focus and attention is yours. Whilst with an agency you may have an account manager who will have to speak to the designer, who may have to check with the developer, with me I am directly answerable to you.

2. Genuine Interest in Your Product

As a freelancer I’m in the position to be able to be selective and have the opportunity to pick the what I wish to work on, this means I care about your project. No templates are used and you don’t just get another website.  You get a tailor-made, bespoke website perfect to your goals and business needs.


Last but not least, cost. Everyone and every business has a budget. An agency has staff costs and rent to pay which all gets passed on to you, the client. As a freelancer I have very few over-heads which results in better value for money for you.

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